Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the survey?

The survey takes on average 15-19 minutes to complete.
English 15-17m
Spanish 16-18m
Portuguese 17-19m
French 16-19m

What other languages are available?

English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French are available.  Other languages can be developed as-needed.

What about branding?

If you desire you can have your survey branded to your company colors and with your logo.  This is what we call a “white glove” approach and it is standard with our product.

What if our employees don’t have a computer?

The survey is designed to be taken via mobile, tablet, and computer.  We will provide you with QR codes that you can put on announcements and post on bulletin boards.  Employees can scan the QR code and are taken directly to the survey.

What if we need help with a communications campaign?

We can assist you in developing a campaign complete with digital and print collateral in multiple languages.  These can be built to fit with your employer branding.

Can we deploy the survey on our internal intranet?

The survey is externally hosted, and we can provide you with an embedding code which allows you to present the survey inside your own web structure.

What are the limits on demographic filters?

Unlike many other providers, we don’t put limits on you.  We believe that you should be able to see and slice your data in ways that are meaningful to you.  We have found that using 5-10 demographic questions/filters is sufficient for most companies.

Can we create our own questions?

Yes, we can append any number of questions you would like, and this can be done at a very reasonable cost.  Adding questions extends the survey time.

How long does it take to get set up?

Once we have the information needed, the set up takes between 1 to 7 days.   Depends on the number of languages, branding, and number of demographic filters.

How long after the survey can we access the results?

The licensing agreement is on an annual basis, and your information, metrics, and dashboard is available to your for the year.

How long after the survey does it take to get our results?

Your dashboard is setup for your use within two weeks after the survey closes. 

What size company can use this survey?

Companies and organizations with more than 100 employees receive tremendous value from collecting insights from their employees.

How cost effective is this?

The Organizational Insights Check™ is market-leading in both INSIGHTS and in value and we offer attractive pricing for all size organizations.

What about trend data?

Trend data is extremely valuable to all organizations, which is why we make renewals easy and more cost effective each year.

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